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    Divine aims to create a healthy world regardless of religion, political background, geographical placement or ability to pay.

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    Our Mission

    Divine Intercession is on a mission to provide sustainable empowerment through community development and education. We are a family of volunteers and like-minded conscientious individuals who foster a mutual passion for achieving positive change.

    Our Mission

    Contributions big or small are invited to rebuild children, families and the needy. We invite involvement at all levels - engage as a citizen and take a stand to abolish hunger and poverty from our lands. Please help us continue our work and make a donation. We value every penny that you give us.

    Our Mission

    One of the biggest barriers to education is poverty. Deprived families have to choose between a meal, medication and education. Our education programmes are meant to break the inequality pattern and help children think, feel and behave in a way that contributes to their upliftment.

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    Using your donations

    Divine Intercession believes that authenticity and truthfulness are pillars of any social work. That is why we maintain transparency across every transaction. Inquire with us about the smallest or the largest donation you have made, and we will provide you with details of every settlement. Upon request, you can also view our annual reports and financial data about your donations and their usage.


    Building a better place

    Every human adult or child has a right to live, prosper and be happy. As humanitarians, Divine Intercession partners with families and communities to tackle the root causes of poverty to build a better and more comfortable place for humankind. As we empower every impoverished individual, we also show unconditional love to the oppressed serving children, adults and living beings with absolute faith. Our organisation comes together to provide everyone, especially children, with the basic needs of life such as food, shelter, clothing and medication. We provide humanity with every fundamental material that they need to survive.

    Food Donate

    Hunger doesn't see boundaries. Put food on the tables of families that really need it.

    Clothes Donate

    Let your clothes live on - give them a new lease of life.

    Shelter Help

    Home is where the heart is. Contribute to providing better housing for the poor


    Help people who cannot afford medicines - make treatment accessible to the poor.

    Small decisions can make big changes

    Children are most affected in times of crisis. Therefore, divine Intercession is committed to embracing every child, adult and human in need and providing them with all the help they require.

    Donate From $25 a Month

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Donate From $25 a Month
    Divine Intercession is a charitable organisation located in Sydney, Australia.
    What does Divine Intercession do?
    Billions of people around the world struggling for basics in life. Divine Intercession does its bit by working with these vulnerable groups to remove problems at the grassroot level. We empower them with knowledge and skills and help them make way out of their poverty.
    How do I donate to Divine Intercession?
    Donations are accepted online through Paypal, Credit Card, and a direct bank deposit. Our bank details are as follows:
    Bank Name : ANZ
    BSB : 013312
    ACCOUNT : 419591102
    Alternatively, go to our online store and choose one of the very many divine products available, handcrafted and blessed by our dedicated intercessor.

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