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Building A Better CALD Community in Australia

Divine Intercession is on a mission to provide sustainable empowerment through community development and education. We are a family of volunteers and like-minded conscientious individuals who foster a mutual passion for achieving positive change.

Divine Intercession Helping the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in AUSTRALIA, particularly from African and Middle Eastern races in Australia. This stresses the need to provide more culturally appropriate services for the CALD community through CLAY FOUNDATION 

Our Overseas Charities

About the Charities We’re Supporting

Divine Intersection funds Installation of Hand-Pumps devices in Africa that are easy to operate with the potential to improve small villages and the community surrounding them with clean drinking water in some parts of Africa. Some parts other advantages of these hand-pumps are:

 1. Simple and most economical 

2. Saves children – who are at risk of falling into open wells

3.Improves conditions of hygiene

4. Limits diseases due to contaminated water

Divine intercession helps run an orphanage and school in one of the remote places in the world in Sierra Leone providing children struggling for days without proper food or clothing through a program called SMILE WITH US


Hand-Pump Project Sierra Leone
Hand-Pump Project Sierra Leone