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Deliverance and Exorcism in Australia

A number of different churches, spiritual groups, private spiritual light workers and healers offer some form of “cleansing of attached entities” or they offer other services similar to Deliverance and Exorcism in Australia, but they can be difficult to find and access.

We know that people are seeking Deliverance and Exorcism so we offer Deliverance and Exorcism Australia-wide, and though we are based in Melbourne, we have various ways that we can help you, no matter how distant or remote your location.

Our deliverance service is authentic and it follows the Christian tradition. Jesus was the first person to practice exorcism and Christians, including Divine Intercession, still use this process today.

What You Can Expect

Much of Divine Intervention’s work can be done over the phone or online. However, in some cases a more person-to-person approach is needed. In extreme cases, we will have to see you in person for a deliverance or exorcism service.

After your initial contact, Joseph, or one of his experienced team members, will determine how we can help you in the first instance. You might only need some general information, guidance, education or prayer work.

In many cases those that are spiritually afflicted might look like they’re suffering from mental health issues. We encourage you to rule out the possibility of mental health issues with a mental health professional first before proceeding with genuine cases that require the intervention of an experienced exorcist pastor or priest

Should an Intervention be necessary there is a church facility available for conducting an Intervention or Deliverance and any subsequent healing work as necessary

Please know that Interventions and Healings will be carried out in complete confidentiality and in the strictest privacy. But feel free to bring along a friend or family member for support, if you need to.

The search for “deliverance service near me” or “exorcism service” is over. We are here to help you. Contact us immediately if you have any questions or if you need any assistance at all.


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