Spiritual Abuse And Other Causes Of Spiritual Affliction

Spiritual Abuse And Other Causes Of Spiritual Affliction

Spiritual Abuse And Other Causes Of Spiritual Affliction

Spiritual Affliction occurs when someone is adversely affected by demonic or negative entities, consciousnesses or energies.

Just like bacteria and viruses, these entities are around us all the time. And just like bacteria and viruses can’t infect you unless you are physically unhealthy, or your immune system is vulnerable or compromised in some way, spiritual entities can’t “infect” you unless you are spiritually unhealthy, or your spiritual immune system is vulnerable or compromise in some way.

For Spiritual Affliction to occur there must be some “breach” in your defenses. There are cases where certain people have made a conscious decision to make that breach, where the demons have been invited. However, these cases are comparatively rare although not as rare as you might think.

It’s always important to realize that injury or trauma to the material body always also occurs in a spiritual context because we are spiritual beings. It is our fundamental spiritual nature that means that no material or psychological trauma or its resulting damage does not have some sort of spiritual side effects.

Nevertheless, some forms of abuse are more “spiritual” than others, especially when they occur in a spiritual context and involve people who are in a position of spiritual authority which they abuse

Examples Of Spiritual Abuse

In all these cases there is some form of trauma involved, and if Spiritual Affliction results, there is a range of manifestations as described in
How Do I Know If I Am Dealing with a Case of Spiritual Affliction?

Spiritual Abuse and Divine Guidance & Healing

These factors include healing your negative thoughts. Without healing your negative thoughts and the negative feelings and negative actions that often follow, there can be no true, holistic healing.

Spiritual Abuse Healing requires an understanding of all the factors, material and non-material that can cause and continue to exacerbate damage.

Divine Guidance is at the core of Intervention in the tradition in which Divine Intercession practices it. As such, the Intercessor calls upon Divine Guidance at every step of the process. We seek Divine Guidance for information about spiritual abuse and even trauma that might not even be known to The Afflicted, and we seek it during the treatment, healing and repair processes as well.
Please understand that we are listening, and we will do what we can to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.