There are many versions of the famous saying that “The Devil’s greatest trick is to convince you that he doesn’t exist” and quotations that say much the same thing go back at least as far as the 1830s, so the idea has been in the air for at least two centuries.

From our experience we can tell you that there is such as thing as an active force in the universe that from a human perspective is evil, that manifests as a consciousness that actively wants to do you harm.

The Christian tradition holds that there is such a thing as The Devil, that he is the first and greatest of the “Fallen Angels” and that “He” has a mission to undermine the relationship between human souls and God.

The story of Devil and the Origin of Evil poses many questions, some of which I attempt to answer in our book "To Hell and Back Again". There are far too many questions to both pose and to answer here.

However some things might help you understand how Spiritual Affliction works as a sort of “spiritual disease” and why it is so resistant to treatment if it is not treated properly.

It is important to realize that:

That demons want to keep you sick and will employ any means that they can to do so.

That they lie constantly. Nothing that they say, nothing that they “make you feel” is true.

That one of their most effective tricks is to convince you that they don’t exist and that what your experiencing is a form of mental or emotional illness.

The reason that the “we don’t exist technique” is so effective is that if you are convinced that your problem is purely mental or psychological you will only seek conventional mental or psychological treatment. If you really are materially ill, if you have a mental illness, then there is a high probability that science will help you.

However, science cannot help a spiritual illness, because its tools are not designed to do so. You cannot cure cancer with aspirin. You cannot cure Spiritual Affliction with anti-psychotic medication. And if you have a smart cancer that can convince you that it’s just a headache, and it can convince you further that it doesn’t even exist, then you can take aspirin until your kidneys fail and the cancer will still kill you.

We are always emphasizing that we must look at the possibility that we are dealing with some form of material or psychological illness first, if only to eliminated it.

However, if conventional treatment consistently fails, then there’s either been a misdiagnosis on a material level or, one must at least consider the possibility that there is such things as “evil spirits” and that they can cause Spiritual Affliction.

Fortunately, there is something that might be able to help - the process of Deliverance and Divine Healing. Feel free to contact us.